Only If Necessary


Walking into my local grocery store on Friday night was a bit surreal. Multiple sections of the grocery were empty: pasta, toilet paper, paper towels, bottle water, the entire produce and meat sections. Apparently most of this stuff had been cleared out by 9AM.

“I have no words for what happened this morning,” said my cashier. “You should come tomorrow morning if you need to stock up,” she added, noticing my meager order of just a small case of sparkling water and a bag of tortilla chips. Sparkling water and corn tortilla are apparently not on most customers’ apocalypse lists. And if your town is anything like mine, the mobs that already beat you to the grocery store most likely did not clear the shelves of its (most likely modest) selection of canned fish. COVID or “NO”-VID, I’ve yet to meet the kindred spirits of the sardine aisle.

This is not to say I’ve not stocked up. I have. I too will bunker down for a little while. The advice is to stay at home, after all. And amidst the uncertainty, it’s good to stay on the safe side.

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