Only If Necessary

Do What You Can

A year ago, I bought a copy of Things in an ambitious bid to change my life. I spent weeks perfecting my workflow, setting myself up to “trust the process” as they say. And it initally worked well. I was knocking off todos left and right. But it turns out I don’t have the capacity (or at least the willingness) for ten todos everyday. Eventually, I ignored the app, leaving my goals to rot. A poor todo system is better than an abandoned one.

So I’ve wiped the slate clean. Aside from small, routine tasks, I schedule only one major todo every day. What is major? Anything with friction, usually things that materially push you towards your goals. You can only overcome so much friction in one day.

It seems to work. Consistency is easier when there are fewer things in the fray. Consistency is easier when you aim to do what you can.

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